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Q. If I want to try curling, what should I wear and what should I bring?
A. When curling, you will want to dress in layers. It is common for participants in Learn to Curl and Rental Experiences to become cold during instruction time but quickly warm up during practice and game play. You will specifically want to consider extra socks, gloves, and a hat. In addition, clothing should be flexible (stretchy), but sufficiently fitted to avoid dragging on the ice or causing tripping hazards. Jeans are typically difficult to wear and often rip when curling. It is highly recommended that you bring a separate pair of very clean athletic shoes to wear on the ice to reduce the time needed onsite to clean your shoes. Please also avoid wearing apparel that sheds or contains sparkles/glitter as these materials will contaminate the ice surface.

Q. What supplies do I need when joining as a curling member?
A. Very few supplies are needed when you join a curling club. To start, it is recommended that you dedicate a pair of clean athletic shoes for use only when curling. For safety, you may also wish to purchase curling safety headgear. The Petersham Curling Club has sliders, grippers, stabilizers, brooms, delivery sticks, and knee sliders available for use by members curling in leagues and PCC events. If you are ready to purchase your own supplies, it is recommended that you consider the following investments (in prioritized order):
Slide Delivery:

  1. Curling Shoes
  2. Broom
  3. Stabilizer (if needed)

Stick Delivery:

  1. Grippers (as needed for traction on ice)
  2. Broom
  3. Delivery Stick

Q. Where can I get curling supplies?
A. Multiple curling suppliers exist; however, purchases usually need to be made online or at curling-related events. Below are links to curling supplier options:

Q. What should I wear and what should I bring to participate in a rental?
A. See answer in Participation FAQ Section

Q. What is the schedule of a typical non-Member Rental Experience?
A. Below describes a typical non-Member Rental Experience:

  • Participants Arrive and Get Settled (10-15 min)
  • Introduction to Curling and Safety (est.15 min)
  • Prepare to Enter Ice - Clean Shoes, etc (5 min)
  • On-Ice Instruction (est. 30-40 min)
  • Unscripted Ice and Warm Room Time Used at Rental Group's Discretion. Typically Group Breaks Into Teams to Play Multiple Short Games for Remaining Time

Note - Rental group must be off of the ice 15 minutes prior to the end of the rental time to allow for ice area restoration.

Q. Can we purchase food for the Rental Event through the Curling Club?
A. The Petersham Curling Club is not able to cater or arrange for catering of food for non-Member Rental Events at this time. Non-member rental groups are welcome to provide food of their own or arrange for food to be delivered during the rental event at their own cost. The Petersham Curling Club does have an equipped kitchen that is available for use by renters during Rental Events. Outside alcohol can NOT be brought into the Petersham Curling Club as we have an equipped bar that is open during the rental events.

Q. What type of Technology is available at the Curling Club?
A. See answer in Facilities FAQ Section

Q. Can we rent the lobby/warm room area only?
A. No. The Petersham Curling Club provides Rental Curling Experiences only and is unable to rent only the lobby/warm room area for noncurling-related activities.

Q. Can we rent the ice for free-skating, broomball, hockey, or other activity?
A. No. Curling ice is carefully manicured and maintained to achieve the clean, level, and blemish-free surface needed for the sport. Other ice-related activities are not permitted at the Petersham Curling Club.

Q. Is the bar available for Rental Events?
A. Yes. The Petersham Curling Club arranges for the bar to be open and available for rental events.

Q. Are children allowed at Rental Events?
A. Children are allowed to attend rental events with a parent or guardian present. Children under the age of 5 are not allowed in the ice area during a rental event under any circumstances. If children between the age of 5 and 12 will be attending the rental event and wish to participate, permission must be obtained from the Petersham Curling Club rental coordinator in advance to ensure volunteer instructors are equipped to meet this need.  Youth under the age of 18 participating in a rental event must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.  Events predominantly for youth, such as school rentals, must be requested and reserved separately via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Q. Is the Petersham Curling Club handicap accessible?
A. At this time, the Petersham Curling Club is not fully handicap accessible.

Q. How many Curling Sheets are available at the Petersham Curling Club?
A. Two Curling Sheets are available at the Petersham Curling Club

Q. Can we rent the ice for free-skating, broomball, hockey, or other activity?
A. No. For more information, see the Rental FAQ Section.

Q. What is available for use in the kitchen at the Petersham Curling Club?
A. The Petersham Curling Club kitchen is sufficiently equipped for typical needs and includes: pots & pans, bowls, silverware & serving ware, plates, an industrial gas stove and oven, microwave, coffee maker, refrigerator/freezer combination, and industrial ice machine

Q. What type of Technology is available at the Curling Club?
A. As of 2020, high-speed network (WIFI) is available inside the Petersham Curling Club. Audio and large screen television access is available from your personal device via ChromeCast.

Q. Can we use credit or debit cards at the Petersham Curling Club?
A. Yes. The Petersham Curling Club now accepts major credit cards and debit cards as payment.

Q. Is there a bar at the Petersham Curling Club?
A. Yes. The Petersham Curling Club contains a bar stocked with multiple beer, wine, and liquor options. The bar is NOT open during Youth Program activities or Youth events (Youth Bonspiels or Youth Open House Events).

Q. What types of memberships exist, how much do they cost, and how can I join?
A. See Membership Page for more information on membership types. To join, complete the membership interest form here.

Q. Can I join at any time of year?
A. Because league rosters and schedules are set at the beginning of the curling seasons (September/October each year), it is best to join at the start of the curling season. After the season begins, some leagues may fill and be unable to incorporate new participants so league availability may be reduced later in the season. However, it is common for leagues to have openings or to have sufficient need for substitute curlers as the season progresses, so members joining late in the season may still be able to curl when they wish. First-year members joining mid season receive a pro-rated rate for their first season.

Q. I am allowed to submit my membership to athletic organizations like the Petersham Curling Club to my employer for health program reimbursement. Can I get a receipt showing my membership payment?
A. Yes. Receipts of your payments can be viewed through the electronic invoice issued to you for your membership each year; however, if you are unable to locate that invoice or need a replacement receipt, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a replacement.

Q. Is my membership fee refundable if I do not curl?
A. It depends. If extenuating circumstances occur that impact your ability to curl, it is your responsibility to immediately contact the Petersham Curling Club board to request and provide justification for a refund. These conditions and the notice provided will be considered and a determination made regarding the appropriateness of a refund. Examples of refundable circumstances can include: significant medical or life event reported in a timely manner identified to prevent future participation in curling for a significant continuous portion of the season. Refunds would typically not be provided in cases of short or intermittent absences (6 weeks or less) or where the refund request is not made until after the season is over.

Q. I want to curl but am only available during a day when I am not strictly eligible for the league scheduled. Can I join that league?
A. In this case, it is recommended that you document your need in the league signup process (or via notification to the league leader(s)).

Q. I am only available to curl during one of the scheduled times for a league (only early draw or only late draw). Is that okay? Can all of my games be scheduled for the draw time I am available?
A. Unfortunately, because Petersham Curling Club is a two-sheet club, it is unlikely that your specific scheduling needs can be fully accommodated. You are welcome to communicate your needs to the league leader(s). They will attempt to accommodate within the limits of fair distribution of available draw times and schedule capabilities; however, that accommodation is likely to be limited.

Q. How long do league games typically last?
A. Standard (4-person team) curling format league games typically last about 2 hours. Doubles (2-person team) curling format league games typically last about 1 hr 40 minutes.

Q. What are the Covid requirements at the Petersham Curling Club? Is proof-of-vaccination required? Are masks required?
A. Refer to Petersham Curling Club Policies and Protocol Page for More Information

Q. Are guests allowed to visit and watch activities at the Petersham Curling Club as spectators?
A. Yes, guests are welcome to visit and watch activities (leagues, bonspiels, etc) at the Petersham Curling Club. These individuals will be expected to abide by any Petersham Curling Club requirements and policies while they are on the premises.

Q. Are there ways for me or a small group of my family or friends to experience curling?
A. Refer to the How do I Try Curling Page for More Information.

Q. I want to gift a friend or family member with a curling experience (a Learn to Curl or Open House entry). How can I best do that?
A. If there are Learn to Curl or Open House events available for registration at the time you are providing the gift, you can register the receiver directly. Otherwise, the best approach would be to purchase an electronic gift card from the Petersham Curling Club online store that they can redeem for a Learn to Curl experience later.

Q. I want to try curling, but am unsure because of knee/back/hip/other joint problems. Are there options for me to curl without getting so low to the ground?
A. Yes, there are! For individuals with joint, back, knee, hip issues or other conditions limiting flexibility, we recommend trying the stick delivery style. This delivery style is permitted in all Petersham Curling Club leagues and events and in most (if not all) regional events as well.

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